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April 6, 2024
Wholesome Hill Spring Offering
Sale Lots: Does


Wholesome Hill Straight Mystery

2.5 Year Old Fullblood Doe

Show Correct, Preferred Teat


Lot 1

Mystery is a traditional doe built from real quality. If pedigree is the boost you need to add this is the doe, she has 7 ennoblements on her papers and stands amongst the tallest females on ranch in her age group. Some of those incredible animals that made her include the ABGA National Reserve Grand Champion buck Klondike himself AND the ABGA National Grand Champion buck MW8 Westfall's Man Of Mystery. Man of Mystery gave us one of our Anchor line does which means mothering and production in addition to show type in the line. That's not all, Mystery also hails from one of our direct MW8 Westfall's Yeah Boii! daughters, "Yeah Boii" also had purple blood and stood as the JABGA Bred & Owned Champion buck just 2 years after Mystery's grandsire won at ABGA Nationals. Papers don't get much stronger than multiple shots of Nationals level animals throughout a doe. This is not your average pedigree!

Mystery kidded for us last summer and exceeded our expectations for a first time mother. She is currently open and has been conditioned for Spring breeding but could easily be put on Show Program and shown instead of bred. If her New Owner would like her bred to a Wholesome Hill buck, we will sync her, and breed her to the standing stud of your choice for an additional fee and board.

Show Correct, Preferred Teat


DOB: 2/14/22

Lot 2

Wholesome Hill Actively Ornate

9 Month Old Percentage Doe

Show Correct, Preferred Teat



Ornate is a lovely young 75% show correct doe who will be a yearling this summer. She is a big loudly dressed doeling as to be expected from parents that were both huge. She's extremely flashy with a strikingly beautiful pattern - always the first doe visitors notice every single time. Her dam is a huge colorful spotted red paint percentage doe that is a cornerstone of our ability to grow kids to huge weaning weights, often feeding her own kids and an extra. Her sire is our huge black paint fullblood buck, who also comes from a strong mothering line, Wholesome Hill Black Action. Hardiness is built in to her from the ground up, she hails from some of the hardiest animals we utilize in our program. An added bonus that many breeders will appreciate, herd damline has exhibited slow hoof growth. Color, temperament, bone, maternal ability, this one will earn her keep year after year.

Show Correct, Preferred Teat


DOB: 6/17/23

Wholesome Hill HART1 Queen Unique

2 Year Old Fullblood Doe

Show Correct, 2x2 Teat


Lot 3

Queen is a flashy, stylish young, show correct, dapple doe we made from an AI flush. Shy as a kid, she was slow to bloom but when she did we watched her slip into beautiful center body with a graceful catwalk that caught our attention. We really like her roundness through the rib as well as her length. We held off on breeding her but then it became obvious we are wasting her genetics as an average herd doe. Queen is a 2JW Smokin’ Gun’s Boomstick daughter which brings some flash to her papers - she's in perfect breeding condition, ready to be paired to a buck and have fall or winter babies.


Show Correct, Preferred Teat Structure

DOB:  5/7/22

Wholesome Hill Belleza Bellanca

10 Month Old Fullblood White Doe

Light Pigment, Preferred Teat


Lot 4

Belleza is a short yearling doe from our white fullblood program, a direct White Boii daughter from a huge red dam made by Lyke Boers. Like all White Boii kids she is packed with bone, fast growth, and mass on her impressive frame. This is one stout 10 month old doe. She is different from most White Boii kids in that she is pretty shy - bordering on timid. She grew extremely well considering she is "low man" in her run. She loves people even though does in the Yearling Run with her pick on her a bit. 

Belleza was our half-outcross white Keeper doeling but needs to get to a herd a bit smaller to really shine, so we decided to offer her rather than hold her in Yearling Pen as we do our seasonal rotation. She has all the things we need to see in White Program: good temperament, good length, fast growth, maternal line history, good bone and the white gene. 

If you want to begin a serious white fullblood breeding program, this is the one. A doe who can provide the white gene and carry the sire a bit, by having great bone and mass herself, is the way to start. Belleza’s paternal grandmother is Skittles(B257) but her pedigree also contains greats such as Show Me Boers/RRD Patriot and I Can’t Drive 55. If you’re going to build white fullblood, you can’t go wrong with quality woven throughout the genetic makeup. 

Not Show Correct (light on pigment as most fullblood whites are), Preferred Teat


DOB: 5/19/23

Wholesome Hill Truth Or Dare

3 Year Old Fullblood Doe

Show Correct, Preferred Teat


Lot 5

Truth is a gorgeous, 3 year old, fullblood traditional doe just entering her prime. To believe she exists you would have to put your hands on her. She is one of only a few “linebred for muscle” animals we have made, she has 2 shots of Boii and therefore 2 shots of I Can’t Drive 55 that account for her width, muscling, and shape. Every time I see her topline, I think: "we should offer a different doe" but I wanted to include one of our proven best.

As Breeders we often focus on the buck, but the doe is at least half the equation. Females like Truth are going to make quality offspring season after season, buck in, and buck out.

For Breeders who want to add spring of rib, level the topline, and tighten up loin, this doe is the Corrector. She is super rare, from parents who redefine muscle - a gem, built with careful planning and purpose. This is the type of doe to build an entire foundation on, a Donor for sure (maternal relatives of hers have also flushed very well for us).

Truth has been on pasture and minimal winter feed - she has held her weight while exhibiting zero sag or softening; we want them all like her.

Truth is a proven mother; easy kidding and very attentive with zero problems. Her first kid left as a jackpot-bound wether that paid the entire winter hay bill. Her second kidding gave us a son who has made her replacement for us. This one can truly make kids for either industry: breed her to a winning wethersire for seriously competitive kids or breed her to a fullblood sire for  fullblood kids with hard, tight, muscle rarely seen in registered does. She is Show Correct, has Preferred Teat Structure, and will have those competitive show kids. There is no getting this one elsewhere, snag this one because there won’t be another.
Show Correct, Preferred Teat Structure
DOB: 1/10/21