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April 6, 2024
Wholesome Hill Spring Offering
Sale Lots: Bucks


Wholesome Hill Splittin' Aces

2 Year Old Fullblood Buck

Show Correct, Preferred Teat


Lot 6

Its hard to even begin a description of Ace that gives him his credit due. I will start with how he came about: he was the byproduct of the AI work we do with our own Anchor does every year, Ace is the brother of the doe kid we tried for and got. He was so good as kid growing that we kept and used him with the unrelated Anchor lines. At 2 years old, he has impressed us with his size and temperament beyond what we ever would have expected - especially because he has been a breeding buck here, untrained but naturally easy to work with. He is docile enough that even untrained he will walk to a treat. 

Ace is stunning, pictures nor video truly do him justice. He IS the entire package. His blood runs straight purple and he has inborn, long line domestication. For Pedigree Aficionados he is a dream with a Reserve and National Grand Champion on his papers. His pedigree is over the moon. His sire is MADI Gamblin’ Man, the 2021 ABGA Reserve Champion Fullblood buck. His dam is my all time favorite daughter of the 2015 ABGA National Grand Champion Buck MW8 Westfall’s Man of Mystery: Wholesome Hill Champagne Problems. His pedigree also contains Top Dog, Money Clip and Eggs Ceeds Eggspectation. Ace has never been pushed on show program feed, therefore his size is particularly impressive - by the time he is 3, he will tower over most fullblood bucks. Ace is the clean show type, good bone, length beyond length, and extremely hard muscle/loin for an animal his size. Ace is the kind of buck who is a true game changer, the kind of buck that changes an entire program in quality level in one single season. We have collected Ace, he did great at collection producing over 100 high quality straws on one jump. It just doesn't get any better for proven production in show type and size. 


Show Correct, Preferred Teat Structure

DOB: 7/15/22

Lot 7

Wholesome Hill Happy Pete

9 Month Old Fullblood Buck

Show Correct, Preferred Teat



Pete is a stunning 9 month old buck; he is so typey and the very definition of "out on all fours". Pete is a direct son of the buck we hold very close: Fat Albert. Fat Albert equals size, if frame is what you want, this young fella has it while being much more refined than his sire. He’s going to make an incredible add as a breeding piece but would easily make the show buck to turn heads - he has that eye appeal to grab attention and doesn’t need to be set up, his natural base width does all the work. He’s long loined, tall, masculine yet fancy enough to be an exhibition piece who will also make a phenomenal breeder. Pete has a gorgeous head with the perfect Roman nose and wide set horns. He is the best of all worlds: color, show names, size, temperament, and type. He would stay right here if we hadn’t stocked our program heavily with his same genetics.

Show Correct, Preferred Teat Structure


DOB:  6/14/23

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