Capital Equity financing available on all "Fundraiser" animals.

Capital Equity has been generous in offering to do 50% down open financing at a great rate for all animals being sold in August 2022 as Fundraiser Animals. This is their way of helping support us and impact the expense of the barn fire we had. Thank you Capital Equity for standing by us in our time of need! 

For pre-approval or to set up your purchase funding, drop Tom or Terry a note at and mention the Wholesome Hill Fundraiser: capitalequityfunding@gmail.com

We are offering a few goats and genetics as Fundraisers August 2022
The Fundraiser will be done as the following: we will sell the goat, straw, embryo, or service in a Highest Offer form. We are taking offers immediately, and will continue to take offers until the evening of Monday, August 29, 2022.


White Decision son - Registration Pending: Current Offer $500

Fullblood May born buckling with incrdible bone, good length, unique coloring, and an amazing disposition.

Wholesome Hill White Decision, ABGA #10888696

Fullblood White Boii son - Current offer $2300

Proven yearling white fullblood buck born April 2021. Powerful pedigree and extremely hard muscle, will play wether industry and fullblood industry very well. He is the best White Mafia won we have available and the only current White Mafia fullblood that is show correct in every way (fullblood white are a challenge to get show correct pigment). He was our flush buck for December of 2021 and his kids on the ground are stunning. He has kids on the way here and we are looking forward to the next generation of White Mafia goats, allowing us to offer him to another breeder looking to set his type and unique coloring he brings to the table.


Wholesome Hill Little White Lie - Current offer $2100

"Little Lie is a gorgeous doeling, we would normally be holding onto this one for sure! A direct White Boii daughter, carrying his frame size. She's got width and length and is still yet just a baby. She is the improvement we were looking for in White Mafia - size like Skittles but width like Angel and speed of growth that came from her dam side. She is Preferred Teat structure, correct on bite and beautiful in her form. Light on pigment, as almost ALL fullblood and high percentage Boer are - she is on her way though and has as good chance of getting it. As a doe she is going to carry the width we are so proud of here, and has the height that the Powell Holman stock really needs added. This one is a program changer.


Also available, more info (pedigrees, pics, etc) coming soon:

- White Boii straws, $300 each, 5 available first come first serve 

- Fat Albert straws, $100 each, 3 remaining available, first come first serve

- Runner straws, $150 each, 2 available, first come first serve

THE FOLLOWING WE WILL BE TAKING THE HIGHEST OFFER ON (thank you for your support, we appreciate it!):

- Gamblin' Man X Skittles embryo pair: $2100 current offer

- Runner son, fullblood black dapple buckling, $3000 opening offer

- Decision son, fullblood, $500 current offer

- Decision daughter, fullblood, $800 opening offer

- SGR Klondike's Miss Bee, exposed to White Boii, $1000 current offer

- White Boii, live cover September breeding only $500, non flush breeding

- Prize Fighter, live cover, September breeding only, $300, non flush breeding