We are nearly sold out of doelings for Spring 2021 season.

We will have a couple of doe kids available who will wean off in May.

We will also have a few older does available as they wean babies this spring. Feel free to inquire.


Wholesome Hill The Truth Hurts, ABGA#10814362. 10 month old doeling from our show string. She is an absolute stunner. "Dozer" appropriately acquired her barn name as a baby when she was nearly as wide as she is long. She's is show correct, preferred teat structure, and CL/CAE and Johne's free by dam test and clean herd. She's long, level, and has the topline necessary to truly call them show goats. High and tight in her chest, she is still feminine yet powerful - this doe will make some beautiful kids or a fabulous addition to someone's show string. Her pedigree is competitive as she is sired by our senior herdsire Boii. Her dam is a super producer here, having triplets as the norm and always feeding all 3 on her own with doe kids weaning weights between 65-75 lbs. This is the one high value doe we'll be letting go of this season.

Her price is: $1600. She comes microchipped and with her chip reader.

Photo coming soon!