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Hart1 Midnite Gospel, ABGA #10847721

2 year old fullblood, show correct, moderate framed, black paint bred doe with kids due the end of March. We will retain a kid and she will leave with a baby by her side. Gospel is an exceptionally easy keeper and a strong mother. Her kids are sired by Wholesome Hill Black Action she is ready for pickup anytime after mid April. Price with 1 kid by her side is $1800.


Wholesome Hill Whole Lotta Gypsy, ABGA #10818992

3 year old fullblood, red dapple brood doe, bred with kids due the end of March. We will retain 1-2 kids and she will leave with 1-2 kids by her side. Gypsy is an extremely strong mother and usually has triplets. She is bred to Hart1 Eggstra Zone (Samson) for end of March kids she is available for pickup anytime after mid April. Price with 1 kid by her side is $1600, price with 2 kids is $2000.

Wholesome Hill Little White Lie, ABGA #10913529

Beautiful short yearling 99% White Mafia doe, sired by White Boii from a super maternal dam. Little Lie has been a standout since birth for speed of growth, she was dam raised and is naturally easy to work. A perfect start for the breeder looking for a good start in White Mafia goats. Priced at $2000.

Wholesome Hill Notta Redneck, ABGA #10931662
Growthy fullblood White Mafia buckling with a pedigree over the moon. Redneck's dam is the own daughter of the 2017 ABGA National Grand Champion "TST1 GSR All Trumped Up", she is as the other females in our White Mafia group a phenomenal mother. Redneck's sire is our briefly held buck White Decision, an own White Boii son, this makes Redneck more likely to set white down in his offspring than many other white bucks due to the concentrating of the white genes by having Skittles on both sides of his pedigree - if you are looking for a start in white fullblood, this is the guy. Redneck is still just a baby but is framey, determined, and likely ready to breed - he is untouched reproductively but if he is here in April he will begin being used to make yet another branch of White Mafia. Hard to go wrong with a pedigree, and concentrated white, mothering, and growth in the line. This one is the foundation to start with, take him home put him over does, collect him, stud him and he pays for himself VERY quickly. He will leave with DNA done. Priced at $3500.


Feel free to check with us directly for straws from our buck lineup or to have the Reservations Available List for kids from currently bred does.

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**Financing available through Capital Equity, for more info please direct questions to Just ask about financing Wholesome Hill Registered Stock.

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