Wholesome Hill Straight Mystery

7 month old fullblood doeling $1400

Show correct young doe will be ready to breed or show this fall. Powerful pedigree and with the genetic makeup she is there is no way this doe does NOT become a cornerstone doe for someone who wants to build size, correctness, and production. She is the result of a Boii daughter we AI bred to Mr. Mystery, absolutely steeped in show blood, she's got animals on both sides of her pedigree that did well at Nationals.

She is a 1x1 w 1 Non Functional and hails from a long line of Preferred Teat Structure does. Correct on pigment, dead on bite, she needs only boosted up onto show feed to be ready for fall shows. This doe has the frame that many lack to truly make competitive animals. Look closely at her pedigree, with almost all Sunshine and heavy Westfall - she is outcross to many of the modern bucks showing. This means tons of options for making great kids for the next 8 years. This doe pays for herself in one kidding though as she is also from one of the best mothering lines we have developed out of a doe named Harley Rae. Production meets show in this gal. 

Financing available through Capital Equity, or 60 days same as cash.

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Fullblood White Boii son, $2400

Proven yearling fullblood buck born April 2021. Powerful pedigree and extremely hard muscle, will play wether industry and fullblood industry very well. Pics coming soon!


6 Month Old Skittles Daughter, $1400

"Barbie" is a 6 month old Old World brood doeling with an unbelievable pedigree. She is the ONLY direct daughter of Skittles we have ever offered and we would not be offering her if we did not have more embryos of the same combo. However in our downsizing to relocate in 2022 we will be offering animals that wouldnt normally be available. Barbie is one of those, She is not just a direct Skittles (2SIS Powell/Holman B257) daughter, she is also a direct daughter of Eggsorcist himself. That puts not just multiple ennoblements on her papers, it puts Mzuri, Sasquatch, Eggsorcist, Shazam, Skittles, and Tequila on this doeling's papers. This young doe IS Boer History come to life.