Welcome to Wholesome Hill!


Welcome to our home on the web! We hope you enjoy your look around and get to know us a bit. We are a small goat farm in north central Arkansas. Quantity is not our theme but quality is.

What started out as an interest in brush eating goats has bloomed into a comprehensive commitment to raising top quality registered boers. Today we have registered Boer, a few wether dams, and purebred Nubians. We also have chickens, pigeons, livestock dogs, and some barn cats too.

The lifestyle of raising quality livestock, goats in particular, is perfect for us. It allows us to have and share with others the experience of stewardship, setting goals, achieving goals, and the active lifestyle that belongs to all livestock producers. Its hard work - we are very hands on with our herd, but it is rewarding in so many ways.

The goats we produce are domestic, correct in type, and easy to work. We are the opposite of a goat ranch in which the stock is turned out onto pasture and expected to forage, breed, kid and come back with young for owners. Here, the focus is on conscious pairings, recognizing valuable traits, and a program that includes proper feeding to make a quality animal. We consistently see improvements in every generation - which is our goal.

We welcome farm visitors but have a very busy schedule so if you'd like to come see us, or the goats, or both, get in touch and we'll work a time for us all.