Welcome to Wholesome Hill's home on the web

Welcome to our home on the web – we are Wholesome Hill Farm - thanks for visiting our virtual home! We hope you have a look around and get to know us a little. We love goats and it turns out we usually like people that like goats too!

What started out as an interest in brush eating goats has bloomed into a comprehensive commitment to raising top quality registered boers. We still have a few grade goats and a small group of registered Nubian stock but Boers are what have had our full attention in recent years. We also have chickens, pigeons, an LGD pack, domestic dogs, and a single barn cat who has more work than she bargained for.

The lifestyle of raising and showing livestock, goats in particular, is perfect for us. It allows us to have and share with others this wonderful experience of stewardship and the excitement of improving the breed. We enjoy working our livestock and find it a wonderful spend of our time.

We welcome farm visitors but have a very busy schedule so if you'd like to come see us, or the goats, or both, get in touch and we'll work a time for us all.

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