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Welcome to Wholesome Hill!


Welcome to Wholesome Hill Boer Goats! We produce both show goats and production goats in Boer and Nubian breeds.

The goats we produce are the result of planning, selection, genetics and program. We select for docile, easy to handle animals who are strong, sizable, successful producers and grow well. 

The focus for our herd is conscious pairings, recognizing valuable traits to be able to bring them forward in future planned generations. Because we seek to maximize full genetic potential,  our primary program includes balanced feeding to make a quality animal. We consistently see improvements in every single generation.

No herd can be fully productive without also being healthy - we are a clean tested herd. Free of CL, CAE, Johne's, and Q Fever. Our goats are vaccinated for CDT, pneumonia, and leptospirosis. In dairies we also vaccinate for mastitis as the mammary is of priority. Goats live here and leave here with all the inputs they need to thrive and be beneficial to their owners.

"Wholesome Hill White Noise"


"Skittles" aka B257, fullblood white boer, origination of White Mafia animals

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