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Wholesome Hill Running Amok

Fullblood Black Dapple Buck
***Pictured here as a yearling***


Straws Available

Runner was a round ribbed, great temperament, black dapple buck we used heavily. He was a clean 2x2, with very heavy bone, great attitude and unbelievable width. 

We use outcross dapple genetics every year and have yet to see colored kids that compare to Runner's. Runner will consistently set down: bone, width and black. 

4 straws available: $200 per straw
Straws are stored on farm. We have used straws from this collection repeatedly, they are flush quality.

Show Correct, Preferred Teat

Straws Available

Wholesome Hill White Boii

Fullblood White Buck

**Pictured here at 20 months old**


White Boii was the "working start" of all white fullblood for us. He was a Skittles (aka B257) son sired by our former herdsire MW8 Westfall's Yeah Boii. With only a few fullblood white boer in the world, this makes him almost a necessity for any chance of getting white fullblood up and going successfully; no other Skittles son we had was completely white and threw the white so consistently to offspring. Unlike dapples, white fullblood is not everywhere - it took us dozens and dozens of pairings to get him.  While Skittles is beautiful, she (like many white fullblood does) will not consistently throw her white unless paired to a buck *for white*. White Boii is the animal that allowed us to pair to anything and still get a high number of consistent white kids and not just cream or pale heads. At times he will allow pigment to come thru with the white coat coloration: when you get one that has both and is fullblood, write your ticket! (It happens and those are nice tickets)

He was also very, very, large framed, with a beautiful topline. White Boii had the bone we wanted to add to Skittles at birth and kept it where many kids lose it. During the time he stood with us he was the absolute head turner - so huge and so brilliantly white. He had a beautiful head and hornset, grew insanely quick as a kid, and had size that made our big traditionals look small.
The mothering and frame size has come thru to his daughters, they are the same level of production we have seen from all of Skittles' line. They ARE supermoms and will wean the biggest kids in the cohort consistently.


28 Straws Available: $350 each

Straws are stored on farm. We have successfully used straws from this collection via transcervical AI and Lap AI repeatedly, they are flush quality.

Light on Pigment, 2x2 Preferred Teat Structure

Wholesome Hill White Noise
ABGA # 10932183

Fullblood White Buck
**pictured at 16 months old**



White Noise is our current standing white fullblood herdsire. He has outpaced his sire on growth at every same age point, and is the improvement on his sire. Noise holds all his sire’s strengths (bone, width, size, and from a maternal Anchor line) while improving the bloodline in the way of harder muscle and having pigment with a cleaner teat structure. At 16 months old Noise is still just gathering frame, I find myself wondering how much frame can a buck have? Noise may set the new bar for early frame growth.
He is a more laid back buck than his sire, unexcitable and calm with a will to please when being handled. He’s also a bit more modern than White Boii but has the older genetics type of growth: frame first, meat later. Again, it took a lot of pairings to make him and we could not be more pleased with what he is. Being white is an aftereffect in his case, I would still have him standing as a herdsire if he was an ugly shade of green, he is that good. The few kids we have from him are stellar - he has earned his spot as a Full Senior Herdsire with only a few kids. 
Noise also brings to the table some pretty sparklies in the pedigree. Yes, he is a Skittles (B257) grandson but he is also the grandson of the 2015 ABGA National Grand Champion Buck MW8 Westfall's Man Of Mystery. Other names on his pedigree include: Shazam, Rumor of Perfection, 55, Top Dog, and Eggs Ceeds Eggspectation. This one is the whole package in that sought after shade of white.


Noise and his full brother from subsequent kidding, "Fade To White", are the only show correct and show competitive, DNA proven, white fullblood bucks in the country.

We are taking offers on Noise himself - feel free to inquire on the highest current offer. He will leave to an International Buyer in September if we do not sell him domestically first.

3 straws available: $1000 each


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