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Some of the lots for our April 6, 2024 Online Auction are:
Show Type Goats:

- Wholesome Hill Straight Mystery

Mystery is a 2.5 year old light traditional doe with quality throughout her entire ancestry. If pedigree is the boost you need to add to kid sales this is the doe, she has 7 ennoblements on her papers. Some of those incredible animals include the ABGA National Reserve Grand Champion buck Klondike himself AND the ABGA National Grand Champion buck MW8 Westfall's Man Of Mystery. Man of Mystery gave us one of our Anchor line does which means we have seen mothering and production in addition to show type in his line. That's not all, Mystery also hails from one of our direct MW8 Westfall's Yeah Boii! daughters, "Yeah Boii" also had purple blood and stood as the JABGA Bred & Owned Champion buck just 2 years after Mystery's grandsire won Nationals. Papers don't get much stronger than multiple shots of Nationals level animals throughout a doe. 
Mystery kidded for us last summer and exceeded our expectations for a first time mother. But she caused us to make a hard choice of who to retain between her, her son, and her daughter. In the end we are committed to moving a line forward and her daughter will be retained here. If we didn't hold many of these  same genetics, this one would stay here and continue to make excellence for us. 
Mystery is currently open and been conditioned for Spring breeding but could easily be put on Show Program and shown instead of bred. If her New Owner would like her bred to a Wholesome Hill buck, we will synch her, and breed her to the standing stud of your choice for an additional fee and board.

- Wholesome Hill Debutante

Debutante is a Yearling doe from our Show Pen, she is clean fronted, flashy, with immense spring of rib, and a butt that would make a Kardashian jealous. She has show temperament and is lightly lead trained already. This is my favorite young doe on the entire ranch. Whether she shows or makes show kids, she is some of the same genetics we keep and hold to move our entire program forward, her twin sister remains here and is our next generation of Anchor doe who will make both Show Type kids and be a superior producer.

- Wholesome Hill Happy Pete

Pete is another of my Favorites, he's the only Fat Albert son that we will part with in 2024. Fat Albert means size. and if frame is what you need to add, this not quite yearling herdsire will be the one to add it. We have never used Pete, he is untouched reproductively and we did not collect him due to his young age in Collection season. Pete is a dappled cape traditional, his sire throws color that comes from his grandsire. We did not expect color in Pete or his twin sister as we bred his sire to Straight Mystery (traditional) to get size and speed of growth in show quality offspring, but spots came. This makes Pete the best of all worlds: color when bred to color, show names, size, temperament, and type. He is another that would stay if we weren't retaining close relatives. 

-Wholesome Hill Splittin' Aces

Hard to even put a description on Ace. I certainly should not be letting him go. His blood runs straight purple and he is one of the easiest bucks I've ever owned. Yet he is maternal brother to White Noise and we just can't keep 2 brothers as herdsires. 
Ace is beautiful, he is exceedingly long, and has stunning base width. He IS the entire package: pedigree over the moon with Reserve and National Champions on his papers, frame size, clean show type, bone, length, and extremely hard muscle for an animal his size. This is the kind of buck that makes it where you just can't wait for kidding season. I haven't sold a single one of his kids and can't justify doing so, they are just too good. 
Ace is the kind of buck who is a game changer, the kind of buck that changes an entire program in quality level. His pedigree is so flashy it shines, another animal with 11 ennoblements on his papers. He is a direct son of MADI Gamblin' Man with all the greatness in that bloodline combined with our Anchor bloodline from Man Of Mystery 2015 NGC. It just doesn't get any better for proven production in show type and size. Ace is gentle and easy to handle, which is absolutely necessary in a buck of his size.


Breeder Type Goats:
- Wholesome Hill Actively Ornate
Ornate is a lovely young 75% doe who will be a yearling this summer. She is comparable to fullblood yearlings in size, which is common with our percentages on rate of growth. She's flashy with a beautiful pattern and comes from a doe that was a cornerstone of our ability to grow kids to huge weaning weights, often feeding her own kids and an extra. Hardiness is built in to her from the ground up and while she is an obvious percentage doe, she is the one to grow a bit and put to work. She's long line color, and thus will probably only make flashy colored kids. Put this one to work and you'll wonder is she part boer cross or part jersey cow.


Also being offered are:
- Belleza Blanca: fullblood white doe with a brush of cream on her
- A Show Type red dapple fullblood long yearling doe
- Wholesome White Noise straws, pair of 2
- Wholesome Hill White Boii straws, pair of 2
- A recip with her White Boii x Vogue baby/babies by her side
- A show correct percentage doe with her babies by her side

+++More info soon on additional lots+++

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