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Sold Animals

Confirmed Recip carrying 2 White Fullblood Babies: $5000

**Parents both have DNA on file with ABGA and privately and therefore kids can be DNA proofed for fullblood status**


Here they are babies are due March 14, 2024 - white fullblood boer (affectionately called White Mafia after the original white does here). White in fullblood is rare - rarer even than striking black dapples or roans. Some might say "White IS the next Black Dapple". A pair of these is THE real start into white. 

Two fullblood kids whose sire is White Boii himself and the dam is a red doe named Vogue that we use to set extreme width (also the mother of our loved huge dapple doe "Fairy"). This combination took much work to get right, to keep the white color, in DNA proven fullblood, while improving speed of growth, size, width, bone, and muscle.

We are offering a confirmed bred recip carrying WBxV (Wholesome Hill White Boii over FTBG Vogue) embryos.  

Pricing on Wholesome Hill white fullbloods is related to their type but unborn white fullbloods in bellies is the most economical way to get a beginning in them. We control every variable when growing out young animals and this is reflected in pricing. We will offer another recip with a pair of these same kids at her side in early May, she and her kids will price at $6500-8000 depending upon their growth, type, gender, and personality. 

This particular pairing is not blind, it makes white 80% of the time - high chance of both kids being ultra white fullbloods. This particular combination has given us babies born with pigment.

This combo has also resulted in kids who have unbelievable bone, which is a trait that White Boii passes to almost all his offspring. The sons we have had from him have all had: phenomenal bone, big frame size, and beautiful Roman heads. Daughters have been more rare but we have a few and all have been does we would use as quality breeding does.

Vogue, the biological dam, is an Anchor doe we have built upon widely. She, and the line we have built from her, checks all the boxes as far as production ability, mothering, correctness in type. We have particularly built on her ability to make extremely wide animals, who have phenomenal temperaments.

We are sure this recip and her kids will bring success to another program.

Breeders who have tried and realized white is hard to get in fullblood because its about the combination that allows white to come through, yet don't want to wait generations to get there back-crossing, and still have the white show goat with their herd name: this is the way, paperwork under ABGA will have these kids carry the Owners herd letters. 

Venus, the recip with these babies, is a proven mother, able to kid on her own and raise great kids. Her kids averaged 8.2 pounds of gain per week.

Venus is clean tested of CAE, CL, Johne's, and Q Fever (aka coxiella burnetti), and will have November test records in her paperwork when she leaves. Venus ultrasound image is below - she is carrying two of these kids and will grow them beyond what any average doe could except maybe their own biological SuperMom could.

Venus is available now and must be picked up by December 20, 2023 unless previous arrangements are made prior to sale.

Please feel free to drop a note if you have any questions or would like more information about this offering, 

Confirmed Bred Long Yearling 75% Doe: $1600

ABGA #10911651


"Tickety Boo" is a long yearling bred doe carrying Fat Albert babies. She is blood tested confirmed, and ultrasounded with 2 babies in utero. Tickety is clean tested of CL, CAE, Johne's, and Q Fever. She is due February 24, 2024.

Tickety is from an easy kidding line strong mothering line and is bred to our largest buck "Wholesome Hill Fat Albert" that also comes from a fast growing, high producing line. This is an opportunity to get some of our best genetics in correct type and competitive percentage. We don't let many Fat Albert kids out but the ones we will offer don't start becoming available until mid 2024.

No worries about Tickety carrying big kids, she herself is large framed and tall - a perfect doe to start percentage show kids from. She is show correct and the sought after Preferred Teat structure of 1 x 1 with a small NF well spaced on each side. She will be huge when done growing herself and already makes other does her age look small. 

Fat Albert is a gentle giant, the bone he puts forward with frame size is completely different than anything we have found easily available in Boer to add a different level of size. He is show correct, perfectly clean teated, with not a flaw in his type. His size and speed of growth will be a game changer for anyone. Look close - his legs pass tree trunk and approach telephone pole! 

If show correct size is what you're looking for, this is the family to start with.

What will the kids look like? That one is up in the air - she has traditional and white in her background while her maternal grandmother was a blue doe. Fat Albert has traditional, white, and dapple in his genetic makeup - though he is throwing kids with spots here.

She is available now but must be picked up by Christmas 2023. We do not move heavy bred does to new homes past 4 months bred.

Please feel free to drop a note if you have any questions or would like more information about this offering,

**Financing available through Capital Equity, for more info please direct questions to Just ask about financing Wholesome Hill Registered Stock.

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