Our herd contains both well known boer lines and unknown lines whose value we have discovered and utilized. We use our bucks as well as AI to maintain diversity in our core herd. Does are selected based on type and function. Bucks are selected on the same criteria while also giving consideration to which genetics are related. The stud bucks we are currently using are:

WHOLESOME HILL MAXIMUM CHARM (no longer standing here, limited straws available until we have a son)
WHOLESOME HILL WHITE BOII (sold to over seas but will release a pair of straws in the auction)
WHOLESOME HILL WHITE DECISION (will be available in the Fall 2022 Auction)
WHOLESOME HILL PRIZE FIGHTER (for sale after July 2022)
WHOLESOME HILL DON'T NEED UR BULL (for sale currently)

We have selected our junior bucks for trial for 2022:
Wholesome Hill Fat Albert (traditional show quality)
Wholesome Hill Black Action (black paint selected for raw size)

"Max" is the largest of our senior bucks. He is the buck we use to improve size, clean up teats, straighten toplines, and add a temperament that includes "desire to please". He is absolutely mammoth in his size, weighing 341lbs at slightly over 2 years old. He is hands down the fastest growing buck we have ever had. Limited straws are available private treaty.

"Rock Starrr" 
Rock Starrr resides in Florida now. We do not release straws except through auction.

"White Boii" is our fullblood herdsire who hails from the Shazam bloodline that produced the famous Powell Holman doe known as "Skittles"(also owned by us), White Boii is her fullblood completely white son. "Skittles" has all the old world values: mothering, kidding, production, slow hoof growth, while having real size. No straws available.

"Explosion" is hard to even describe in words, he is hands down the best temperament, most laid back, easy keeping buck we have ever owned. Great starting place for dapple genetics. Straws are available.

Our only standing Nubian buck is
Lighthouse, a Lulu and Freedom Fighter son. We have selected a Red Jasper son to grow out as a junior potential herdsire.


When we have does available for direct sale (private treaty), we send the info out to to our folks on our email list first and then post on our site.

If you want to be aware of when animals are coming available, send us an email saying "Sign Me Up" and we'll add you!


Wholesome Hill Maximum Charm


straws available $100 each


Wholesome Hill Active Explosion


straws available $150 each


Wholesome Hill Running Amok, no straws available


Wholesome Hill Rock Starrr,

no straws available at this time


Wholesome Hill White Boii

no straws available for sale at this time


Harper Valley G25, "Benny"

straws available $50 each