Our breeding herd of Boer contains many of the well known Boer bloodlines. We utilize our own bucks as well as AI to maintain diversity in our herd. Our current senior herdsires are Wholesome Hill Maximum Charm, Wholesome Hill Hurt Some Too, Wholesome Hill Rock Starrr, Wholesome Hill White Boii, And our dappled senior herdsire is Wholesome Hill Active Explosion.
"Max" is the largest of our senior bucks. He is the buck we use to improve size, clean up teats, and add a temperament that includes "desire to please".
"Hurt" is another very framey, sizable buck and while he does not have the same people-adoring temperament he is the buck to add shape with power.
"Rock Starrr" is the dual industry type buck we use to get more compact frame on kids for market and wether type kids. He is not truly moderately framed but he is longer, lower, and carries more width on a slower growing frame than his senior buck cohorts.
"White Boii" is seeing limited use here until we can get him collected but he represents the male portion of our B257 bloodline. That bloodline is out of a fabulous female we acquired nick-named "Skittles". She is all the old world values: mothering, kidding, production, slow hoof growth, while having real size. At 9 years old she is still a main producer here. But none of that is what she's more commonly known for, she is the only all white 100% fullblood boer doe in the country. White Boii is her direct son out of our 2017 ABGA National Grand Champion buck Westfall's Yeah Boii. The other only all white fullblood boer buck that we know of is owned by a nice gentleman in California, and he too is a Skittles son.
We also have several junior herdsires we are using while we decide whether they become full senior bucks. 
Junior Bucks:
Wholesome Hill Explosion's Thorium - this fella is our Explosion son who functions as insurance. He's got all the shape of his father but is a bit heavier in the dappling. This buck is in evaluation and may be offered for sale fall of 2021.
"Sano" - this young buck is the keeper buck from one of our size setting and mothering lines crossed with a show line, his dam Wholesome Hill No Bull is a donor female here and is amongst the best dual purpose does we've ever produced. We have yet to let a daughter go from this bloodline. He is growthy, healthy, and shy but gentle. We have high hopes for him but he too is in evaluation.
"Judah" - this buck is the right type for the ring, not only is he show correct he walks and behaves like a true show piece, He is sired by Boii and is out of one of our blue blood Klondike daughters "Miss Bee". Judah also is in evaluation and currently at the top of the cohort.
Straws available on: 
Wholesome Hill Maximum Charm
20 straws available, $100 each
Wholesome Hill Bruise Some, a Boii son who is the same type as his sire. Mass, width, depth, and a nod to the Old World Boers complete with pleats about his chest and a twist that says "meat animal". Bruiser is the spitting image of his sire and we expect him to put down the mass so common to Boii.
10 Straws available,  $150 each
Wholesome Hill Rock Starr
10 straws available, $100 each
Wholesome Hill Active Explosion
25 straws available, $125 each

Boii with Ebony in the breeding pen