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A Tab's Eye View

I'm going to start at the "why" of this. Through the years I've changed my life road many, many times. And yup, I'm changing it again.

So this blog is about that; I'm going to try to write this in voice that imparts understanding. I left my last "path" with no explanation and I know a lot of you from that life. You didn't get it. You asked me so many times over the years "When was I coming back?" I didn't want to say anything that made anyone else feel bad, so I ignored all those questions. And maybe I'll tell that now too, we'll see.

People that grew up with me, I'm sure, felt the same. People who went to college with me probably felt that way too. People from my time in finance and advertising, also felt that way. Its pretty common road for me to make a change and leave everything I was doing behind, like a great big question mark. And people from my life in goats would too, except I am placing this here where they can read it along with you. Though I have already told a very few of them. Goat World people will be the people that understand, its the Not Goat World folks who I want to get it.

Let me start at the end, which is now.

I am, as they say in Goat World "getting out of goats". I will not be spending my life breeding goats any longer, or in my words "developing a goat program". And yes, I can hear you thinking "Oh for eff's sake, thank goodness!". I did pay attention to your reactions this past decade, I swear, I don't miss much. But really, I know you don't understand what in the world I have been doing with this goat thing - but I want you to understand that too. And btw, it has given me some tiny slice of joy through the years to watch your reactions as if I'd gone mad. I do love to be amused. See that? We are already outing things. ~wink~

Ok, so I have a big herd, a lot of goats. Some of which I've already been moving on as of late for an entirely different reason than where I'm at now. Yet, there are many more to go. No, I can't tell you exactly how many because until 3 days ago we were still having babies being born. But I'm going to guess its in the neighborhood of 200 if I count kids. Sidenote: You're going to have to read this and use contextual clues because Goat World has a language all its own. But there is part of the fun of it - it is its own world. And I want you to have a glimpse of it.

Okay, so I want to tell you right away I am busy. Like crazy busy. Like I've always been, but multiplied by a dozen. 900 miles an hour with my hair on fire, because that is who I am. Full bore, volume all the way up, living instead of existing. And yup, I know that irks the bejeezus out of some people, and yup - I'm still fresh out of Give A Darn. The point in me telling you its crazy busy is because I'll write this as I can. Don't hang on it, read it leisurely when its convenient. Like when you're in the bathroom, or when you're mad and staring at your phone screen instead of talking to the person in the room you're mad at, or when you're bored at some presentation you should be paying attention to, but aren't. I'll put it all here, irregularly at best. But I will, put it here.

The kinda cool part of all this is: I will have a lot more free time 12 months from now. And maybe I get to see and visit friends more.

The bad part is: you're gonna hafta read it to understand and I know a few of you well enough to know even a 30 second TikTok has you bored. But the point is: I don't have to retell it 37 times if I write it once. Plus its cathartic for me.

So this is it, the thing everyone has been waiting for: I'm done with goats.

As a sidenote, this an odd thing to chronicle. People blog a lot on how they got into goats but its a little different to describe getting out of them. In my case, its gonna be a process - welcome to my ride.

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