Welcome to our Fall 2021 Contest!

Put your creative skills to work and name one of the white kids!

What do you win? A straw of  White Boii, Rock Starrr, Max, Explosion or Runner. For those of you that wouldn't use a straw -you can choose $100 credit to spend at Wholesome Hill between now and April of 2022.


Everyone can submit up to 2 entries. Names can be anything you like but they are both little bucks and we probably won't name them something like Priscilla. ;)

The winner will be chosen and announced November 26th, 2021 at noon. Yup - Black Friday! 

FTBG Vogue ABGA Registration

Their mother "Vogue" is a tank of a doe, very wide and bulldog like. She's the gentlest doe on the farm and a wonderful mother.

Their sire "White Boii" is a mammoth of a buck. He's long, level, and has a stunning profile and perfect horns.

Wholesome Hill White Boii ABGA Registration

Our herd name is "Wholesome Hill" so after our characters there are 17 spaces available for the name you create.

Example that would work: "Wholesome Hill Pick A Name"


Comment your name entry in the comment section below! Make sure you are on our email list so that we can notify you of your win.