Lot 6
Consignor: Wholesome Hill
Contact: Tab Jacobs, 870-615-2820 or "Tab Jacobs" on Facebook Messenger

Show Buckling

Wholesome Hill Bullseye, #10895316

"Bullseye" is the single best flush kid we will offer this year!  He was my personal pick for the longest time and I have gone back and forth between him and his brother Bullwinkle on being my "Keeper as Future Herdsire". It takes a LOT for me to label a kid that way. I have much to choose from and so I am excruciatingly critical but Bullseye checks all the boxes.

These are BIG kids for being September born, show correct and show competitive. Make no mistake THIS is the genetic combination we are pivoting to as we place the Boii line on the side as a cornerstone line. 

I expect real size from this line. The origination of this line was the single largest and best mother we have ever owned. She is show blood but also incredible production blood - she remains an anchor in the form of a portion of the doe base. This is the first buck from the line I will keep as it is the first one that had ALL the components I desire in a herdsire. Show type, production ability, real size, temperament, mite resistance, fast early growth, and bone, bone, bone to spare.

Bullseye's pedigree  screams royalty meets show wins with greats such as Patriot's Radioactive, Mr. Magoo, Chicken On A Chain, Show Me Boers Patriot, and Ruger himself on this baby buck's papers. He was destined to be good - but he quickly surpassed good and went to "wow" in the few months he’s been weaned. Imagine what his kids and type do for any single herd in one generation - or don't worry about any of that yet and enjoy just showing him and having one of the growthiest young bucks in the ring! Either way, this fella is going to be a game changer for someone.

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