Lot 4 Consignor: Wholesome Hill
Contact: Tab Jacobs, 870-615-2820 or "Tab Jacobs" on Facebook Messenger

SKW2P "Whirlwinds White Storm", #10874262

Confirmed bred to White Boii

This pretty doe is barn named "Jolene". She came to us and immediately made herself a source of laughter - she was the first junior doe of her group to always find a way into the creep feed run. At the time we thought it funny, then silly, then annoying, and then we realized: this doe grew herself out better than everyone else here! And here she is, looking most amazing. She KNOWS she looks amazing and like all pretty girls who know they are pretty - she can be a handful. Not always but there are times that she will walk up for a cookie and wait for you to snap a lead on her and other times she is not going to have you put a lead on her without corralling her in the feed pen. Who knows why, maybe its that Pretty Girl Thing and she's moody. Regardless she is a sharp doe; meaty, good base width, real nice length and when she feels like it - the sweetest personality! She has just been exposed to White Boii himself on 2/13/22. She is blood test confirmed bred. She has been tested and is free of CL, CAE, and Johne's as well as resides in a clean herd.

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