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Lot 18
Consignor: Wholesome Hill
Contact: Tab Jacobs, 870-615-2820 or "Tab Jacobs" on Facebook Messenger

Wholesome Hill White Boii, 2 Straws

I was asked so many times for these straws, I decided to let one pair go. I want to let a few more pairs go but I can not until I have a son to fill his shoes. That son would have to be what he is: massive in size, fast early growth seen in the weaning weight, huge bone, fabulous profile and head, no breed flaws, and of course entirely white. White Boii is the 2nd largest buck we’ve produced. When he is pasture-style thin, body scoring at 2.5 he weighs well over 300lbs. Yet he is not even 2 years old. A friend recently saw him on farm and said “He can’t show because he doesn’t have pigment” I answered that is correct but I have a son who has full pigment and she said: “I’d take him anyways, to show him off, REAL size, he doesn’t need to win - he is a new kind of beast and will steal the show from a pen without ever walking a ring.” She may be right, he certainly has his share of attention - and he is already making gorgeous all white fullblood kids, sometimes even from colored does. 

Bidding for this is live.

If you would like to place a bid, make a comment that is your Bidder ID in the "Name" field and your Bid Amount at that time.

If you would like to arrange a proxy bid, drop us an email at and let us know which lot, your ceiling amount, and the Auction Manager will bid in $25 increments for you, above other bidders, until your limit is reached.

Bidding for this Lot opens at $400

There is a Reserve Price

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