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Lot 17
Consignor: Wholesome Hill
Contact: Tab Jacobs, 870-615-2820 or "Tab Jacobs" on Facebook Messenger

The Wholesome Hill Reflection

Registration #PN2104350

UPDATE: Reflection is now selling as an Exposed Doe and was exposed 3/12/22. Sire would be Oakpark Farms FF Lighthouse or "Pogo" as he is known here. He's a gorgeous blue roan moonspotted buck who is SO VERY DAIRY yet still has huge frame.


Reflection is a short yearling doe whom I would not be parting with IF we didn’t truly have to downsize. She is from a phenomenal milking line of 100% Nubians who carry size and Will To Milk that is priceless. Her dam was my beloved Adele; she was a regular 9lbs a day milker who happened to milk heavily for 12 months every time she freshened. Adele was a huge contributor to why we have been able to feed bottle kids without going broke and the kid crop this year feels the loss of her. I expect her daughter to produce the same way by her 2nd freshening as her sire also hails from a volume milking line. He was our huge Nubian herdsire “Larry”, also known as Tamris Farms SC Red Jasper, Larry kids are rare now as he is no longer with us. Reflection is from a clean tested herd and dam, free of CL, CAE, and Johne's. She is microchipped and a chip reader can be purchased with her sale for an additional $60.

Bidding for this is live.

If you would like to place a bid, make a comment that is your Bidder ID in the "Name" field and your Bid Amount at that time.

If you would like to arrange a proxy bid, drop us an email at and let us know which lot, your ceiling amount, and the Auction Manager will bid in $25 increments for you, above other bidders, until your limit is reached.

Bidding for this Lot opens at $200

There is a Reserve Price

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