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Lot 15
Consignor: Wholesome Hill
Contact: Tab Jacobs, 870-615-2820 or "Tab Jacobs" on Facebook Messenger

Wholesome Hill Blizzard King


Wholesome Hill Blizzard King is the newest generation of all white fullblood boer at Wholesome Hill. Blizzard was brother to our keeper Blanco who was also a completely white fullblood. Sadly we lost Blanco and really debated letting Blizzard go or retaining him. Ultimately we decided to offer him. He adores attention and is the perfect balance of trainable, confident, and affectionate - it can be hard to find that balance in your buck kids, but he is it. Blizzard is not just white and great temperament though, he’s also a fine example of where we are moving the white boer to: impeccable topline - the type that is a Corrector for tops that need to straighten out that dip or snug up at the shoulders. He is also better front width than generations past of white, a more level hip, and a hard won turn toward a tidier center body with less of the “production belly”, and of course, cleaner teat structures.

 Blizzard’s sire is our popular white buck Wholesome Hill White Boii!; he is the 2nd largest buck to grace our place and while not yet 2 years old is already well over 300lbs. Blizzard’s dam is our super wide paint doe "Vogue". She is moderate framed and weighs a more petite 210lbs compared to the white does, but she is still a bigggg bulldog style doe whom we prize for her mothering, ability to hold weight on air, topline, and temperament. This lines Blizzard up for size, temperament, top, production qualities, and if an all white fullblood boer can get complete pigment, its him. Because we believe Blizzard is a valuable genetic component, we will extend a beneficial future agreement around collection of him, if his new owner is interested.

Bidding for this is live.

If you would like to place a bid, make a comment that is your Bidder ID in the "Name" field and your Bid Amount at that time.

If you would like to arrange a proxy bid, drop us an email at and let us know which lot, your ceiling amount, and the Auction Manager will bid in $25 increments for you, above other bidders, until your limit is reached.

Bidding for this Lot opens at $2000

There is a Reserve Price

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