Wholesome Hill Rock Starrr

Year old fullblood buck, born 3/16/2020, registration and DNA already complete, absolutely show correct and solid as a rock. He is half production genetics and half show genetics. His mother is a huge productive show correct doe and his father is our former senior herdsire "Boii". His dam is a natural triplet maker who always kids easily without help, feeds her babies off extremely well, and is the kind of mother you wish the entire herd would be. His father was the first buck that set true size in the herd and was a 320lb buck in show condition. Rock Starrr has the unique Wholesome Hill development feature of having slow growing hooves; that sounds like a small thing but when you must maintain the animal month in and month out, a big buck needing his feet done only 2 or 3 times a year is big deal.

Rock Starrr has been bred lightly at Wholesome Hill, we see him not so much as a show buck although he is correct, but rather as a corrector buck. This is the buck that will add a wider front. While we have not seen his babies yet, we have seen this feature in him and full sisters consistently.

he was collected fall of 2020 and will sell with 5 straws for insurance.

His price is : - $2250(registered, microchipped and with microchip reader), stewardship discount available


ABGA # 10846208