We will be having a "Fundraiser Sale" instead of our scheduled September auction.

More info soon.


White Boii Boer Buck

Register to bid:

Step 1: Verify you are in fact an actual bidder.

This is done by purchasing a Bidder Number thru Paypal. When you purchase your number, return here and complete the form to let us know where to send your Bidder ID to. Bidder Numbers cost $1, their purpose is to verify that you are an actual person, as well as to assign you your own unique Bidder Number. If you are unable to use PayPal you can write us directly and ask to be assigned a bidder number and we can bill you in another form.

Click here to purchase your Bidder ID:

Then go here to let us know where to send your Bidder ID:


Step 2: Understand How The Auction Works.  The auction is online and spans 3 days. The format for bidding is a Comment Thread. This is very similar to the Facebook group SouthEast Farm Auction where people place their bid as a comment in a comment log and the highest bid/last comment of the thread on time and day of close, is the winner. Once bidding opens, there is an "Opening Bid" that let's bidders get comfortable with bidding and try the process out. There is also a "Reserve" on each lot, meaning that if bidding does not reach that amount, the lot will not sell. Auction managers will come on to the bidding thread and announce when the Reserve was met and that the lot will sell. Finally there is the Closing bid, this is the last bid on the lot at the time the sale closes and if higher than the Reserve, it will be the winning bid. The Auction Manager will announce the Winning bid on each lot at close. The Auction Manager has sole determination of which bid was the final bid at time of close, Central Standard Time is the time zone being used for the sale.

Step 3: Bidding The way to bid is to post a comment that contains ONLY your current bid amount. Bids increase by minimum $25 each. Your comment is your binding commitment to purchase for that price. Questions, non bid comments, and other statements will not be allowed in the Bidding Thread. The Bidding Thread is ONLY for bids. Questions on lots need to be directed toward Consignors directly, preferably before the Auction is in progress so that Consignors have ample time to respond to you.  The Bidding Thread is not the place for questions, however if you have questions, please feel free to contact us and ask - we are happy to explain anything. 

Auction Terms

  • Bids are purchase agreements.

  • Lots are to be picked up by 30 days from auction close unless previous arrangements are made

  • Payment in full is required by 24 hours after close of auction

  • Acceptable payment forms are: Paypal, check, and cashier's check. Some Consignors will accept additional forms of payment as well, check with the consignor before bidding if you want to use an alternative form of payment.

  • If financing with Capital Equities, arrangements need to be made directly with CE.

  • Consignors can assist you in making travel arrangements if you will be having your lot delivered to you, contact them directly for those inquiries.